North End Ski Club – Grooming Equipment Fundraiser

The North End Ski Trails are renown for regular, conscientious grooming. The club has been grooming trails for over 15 years and some of our equipment is showing its age–as are our groomers! It might surprise you to learn that the average age of our corps of 10 volunteer groomers is 66!

The North End Ski Club is committed to continuing to provide the highest quality grooming while at the same time ensuring that our grooming crew has the tools and equipment they need to comfortably continue doing their job.

In 2020 the North End Ski Club will undertake a major fundraising initiative to purchase an array of newer equipment and make modifications to our grooming storage facilities.

Our goal is $41,500. Here’s what that will purchase:

John Deere Gator XU835R with tracks

Yellowstone Track Systems 108″ Ginzugroomer with track setter

7′ x 12′ Trailer

Grooming shed modifications/expansion


Current financial position for this initiative:

Cash from savings

Ski race (2020)

Sale of old equipment:
• ATV with tracks – $6,500
• Tidd Tech Groomer – $2,000
• Scandic Snowmobile – $3,500

TOTAL: $18,000

We hope you can help us continue to provide the most consistent grooming in the region by making a generous donation to the North End Ski Club. Please complete the form below to make a secure donation online via PayPal…you can use your regular credit card if you don’t have an account.

The North End Ski Club is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization and your contribution is fully tax-deductible.


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